About Us

We are a team of passionate anglers. What we sell is what we use. We are constantly improving our dips and adding new products. Our passion is to deliver a quality product that works and are affordable to our customers. Customers are having great successes with our products and so are we.

We are committed not to neglect on quality to reduce cost. We use only the best raw materials and can compete with any product out there. We have unique recipes and all products has some secret ingredients.

New products are tested vigorously for months before being released. The proof is in the catch and the product has proved itself over and over. We also have a team in Pro Mania that does very well. 

Our Pro Series is a special range developed from our best and most successful combos. Personal bests are broken and loads of fish are being caught with these unique recipes. 

We are always available to assist and give advice when our customers are fishing at a venue. We recommend combos, etc. We are only a Whatsapp away! 

We commit to have you catch more and bigger fish!

We build relationships with our customers, feel free to contact the owner Jaco with any queries 076 890 2518