Worm Baits

When Worm meets Mielie! The best of both worlds!


A Chinese account of about the 4th century BCE refers to fishing with a silk line, bamboo rod, a hook made from a needle and cooked grain as bait. Mielies and earthworms has been used as bait for centuries and are still a preferred bait today.

What if these two highly effective baits could be merged as one? Wouldn’t that be something! The Worm Guy did just this and started testing feasibility. Results were however inconsistent and shelf life of these products were unsure. Over time the right preservatives and recipes were developed and finally the products were ready for the ultimate test.

The products were given to 10 anglers, average Joe’s if you like, to test and give feedback. The results were unanimous that we had a winner. A bait that fish love. Hence the birth of WORMEALIES (Mielies infused with worm juice) and WORM TEA (a spray for feed).

But, don’t take our word on this, get your Wormealies and Worm Tea from The Bait Guy and see for yourself!